New Haikou City Suburban Train Begins Service!

New Haikou City Suburban Train Begins Service!

Dates: July, 2019        Location: Haikou

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A new train line is up and running in the suburbs of tropical Hainan’s capital city of Haikou! The Hainan High Speed Round Island Railroad Haikou to Meilan Suburban Train began trial service on July 1, 2019, becoming the nation’s first mass transit suburban rail line, with specially designed and decorated trains offering six stops on the outskirts of the city. The new train service brings more convenient transportation options to the north Hainan region, making it faster and easier than ever to get to where you want to be! 

Haikou City Suburban Train Route:

Haikou Station (海口站): Provides connection to the Guangdong-Hainan Railway line, allowing passengers to conveniently transfer from the Hainan High Speed Round Island Ring Railway to Guangdong and other parts of Mainland China. 

Changliu Station (长流站): Located just 260 meters from the intersection of Nanhai Ave. and Changbin Rd., this station will provide convenient access to the Haikou City Government district in the future.

Xiuying Station (秀英站): Located 300 meters from the intersection of Nanhai Ave. and Central Haiyu Rd., this station will connect with the future intercity train line, making this stop an important transportation hub.

Chengxi Station (城西站): Located at the intersection of Nanhai Ave. and Huating Rd., this station is located next to the former Haikou South Bus Station. 

Haikou East Station: (海口东站): The Haikou High Speed Rail East Station is an important stop on the Hainan High Speed Round Island Railroad, this stop allows passengers to easily transfer to the Haikou City Suburban Train line, and will also provide a connection to the future intercity train line. 

Meilan Station (美兰站): Seamlessly connecting passengers to Haikou’s Meilan International Airport, this station provides direct access to and from the Haikou suburbs for air travelers.

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The exteriors of the new trains are attractively decorated in a total of six tropical designs, celebrating the beauty of Hainan’s natural environment, while the interiors offer bus-style hard seating in fresh, bright colors, as well as rails for standing commuters to hold onto. 

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Bonus: In order to encourage riders to take advantage of the new, green transportation option offered by the Haikou City Suburban Train, a total of 8 connecting city bus routes are free of charge from now through July 4! The free bus routes are: 

80, 81, 82, 204, 216, 217, 218, and 219

In order to accommodate the opening of the new Haikou City Suburban Train, there has been a slight adjustment of the frequency and times of the Hainan Round Island Ring Railway trains. For up to date schedules, please refer to the official China Railway website:

Photos: 南国都市报, 南海日报

by Nicki Johnson

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